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Knowledge Test

The knowledge test will measure your knowledge of traffic signs, Pennsylvania’s driving laws, and safe-driving practices. The knowledge test can be given in both written and audio format in the following languages: Arabic, Albanian, Burmese, Chinese (Mandarin), Dari, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandingo, Nepali, Pashto, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese, upon request, at all Driver License Centers across the commonwealth. If you fail the knowledge test, you will be permitted to retake the test the following business day. This test needs to be successfully completed before you can receive a valid learner’s permit.

The knowledge test consists of 18 multiple-choice questions. You must answer 15 questions correctly to pass the test. Possible driving situations are available on our Teen Driver Information Center.

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Road Test

If you are under the age of 18, we allow our young drivers to schedule their skills test up to six months in advance. Young drivers are encouraged to plan ahead and schedule as soon as possible. We recommend that our young drivers take advantage of this opportunity.

Appointments must be made to take the Non-Commercial Road Test. You may schedule your road test online. If you do not have access to the internet, you can schedule your driver's test by calling 1-800-423-5542.

Additionally, PennDOT has certified third-party businesses to administer the skills test for a market-driven fee. All third-party examiners (PDF) are PennDOT-certified and the test is identical to the test that you would take at a PennDOT driver license center.

You will need to present the following items to the examiner prior to taking your road test: (All items must be valid and for the vehicle you are using for your road test.)

  • Your valid learner's permit.
  • A signed parent or guardian certification form or DL-180C (PDF) for 65 hours of behind-the-wheel training, if you are under the age of 18.
  • The valid registration card for the vehicle you plan to drive for the road test.
  • Proof that the vehicle is currently insured.
  • The valid driver's license of the person, who is at least 21 years of age or a parent, guardian, person in loco parentis, or spouse who is 18 years of age or older, accompanying you to the Driver License Center.

If you do not bring the original documents (not copies) listed above, you will not be given the test.

Before the test begins, a driver license examiner will check to see that your vehicle has a valid registration card, current insurance, valid state inspection sticker and, if required, a valid emissions sticker. The lights, horn, brakes, windshield wipers, turn signals, mirrors, doors, seats, and tires on your vehicle will also be checked to make certain they operate properly and meet safety standards. If it is determined any part of your vehicle is unsafe or does not meet state inspection requirements, you will not be allowed to take the road test. If your vehicle is equipped with seat belts, make sure they are clean and ready for use. You and the examiner will be required to wear them during the road test.

If your vehicle passes this inspection, the examiner will test you to see if you can drive safely.

You will fail the road test if you drive dangerously, violate the law, cause a crash, do not follow the examiner's instructions, or make too many driving errors.

The examiner may ask you to do the following prior to taking the road test:

  • Vehicle Controls: Operate horn, lights (parking lights, high and low beam headlights, turn signals), windshield wipers, parking (emergency) brake, 4-way flashers (hazard lights), defroster, etc. Failure to properly operate any of the vehicle controls will result in a failure of the road test.
  • Parallel Park: Park your vehicle midway between two uprights in a space that is 24 feet long and 8 feet wide. Your entire vehicle must be completely inside the space, and you cannot make contact with any of the uprights to the rear or front of your vehicle, cross over the painted line, or go up onto or over the curb. You have one attempt to successfully park your vehicle using no more than three adjustments.

Note: Vehicles equipped with Advanced Parking Guidance Systems (self-parking vehicles) can be used for testing; however, the self parking feature must be turned off and is not permitted to be activated during the road test.

The examiner will be your only passenger during the road test. When the road test begins, you will be told where to drive and what maneuvers to make. Close attention will be paid to the way you approach and obey warning signs, stop signs, and traffic lights. The examiner will note how you control your vehicle, use turn signals to communicate with other drivers, or use any other vehicle controls that may become necessary during the test.

IF YOU PASS THE ROAD TEST AT A PENNDOT DRIVER'S LICENSE CENTER, you will receive your driver's license at that time.


(These are some examples of possible reasons for failing the Road Test)

  • Inability to operate any vehicle controls
  • Making errors in safe-driving practices
  • Causing a crash
  • Violating any traffic laws (e.g., failing to obey a stop sign)
  • Failing to follow instructions given by the examiner
  • Not using turn signals
  • Driving dangerously or recklessly

If you are under the age of 18 and fail the road test, Pennsylvania law requires you to wait seven days before you can retake the road test. This delay in retaking the test will give you time to practice and to improve your driving skills. You have three chances with each learner's permit to pass the road test before the expiration date of the learner's permit. After the third failure, you must reapply to extend your learner's permit.

If you do not pass your road test after three tries or if your learner's permit expires, you may obtain an Application to Add/Extend/Replace/Change/Correct Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit or DL-31 (PDF). If you have not taken or successfully completed the road test within three years of your physical examination date, you must start over with another Non-Commercial Learner's Permit Application or DL-180 (PDF) and retake the knowledge test.

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