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Suspended Inspection Stations and Inspectors

PennDOT maintains an up-to-date listing of suspended inspection stations within the Commonwealth. Suspensions are levied upon an inspection station and/or inspector for a violation of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Equipment and Inspection regulations and/or Emissions Inspections regulations. Suspensions imposed on a station or inspector are the result of violation(s) uncovered during routine audits or from investigation(s) into complaints regarding a station or inspector. Please note that suspensions only affect a business' ability to perform vehicle inspections. Suspensions do not affect the ability for an establishment to otherwise operate as normal.

Click here to view the Suspended Inspection Stations Report. The stations are sorted by county, violation and offense date.

Click here to view the Permanently Suspended Inspection Station Report. The stations are sorted by county, violation and offense date. 

Click here to view the Suspended Inspector Report. The inspectors are sorted by last name, station location, violation and offense date.

A listing of violation definitions can be found here.

For complaints regarding inspection stations within the 42 non-emission inspection counties, call (717) 787-2895. You may also call or email the PennDOT tip line at (717) 705-9913 or

For complaints regarding inspection stations within the 25 emission inspection counties, call (800) 265-0921. You may also call or email the PennDOT tip line at (717) 705-9913 or