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National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)


PennDOT has fully implemented the federally mandated National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS), adding one more tool to PennDOT's already extensive efforts to mitigate the risk for vehicle fraud and protect consumers from unsafe or stolen vehicles.

NMVTIS is a consolidated database of vehicle titling information compiled by participating state motor vehicle agencies. The system allows for the vehicle titling history to be accessible to motor vehicle departments and consumers to verify key vehicle titling information, such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer information and state "brand" information describing the vehicle's current or prior condition, such as "junk," "salvage," or "flood." With the implementation of NMVTIS, PennDOT will be able to verify a vehicle title by immediately checking electronically against the titling history of approximately 81 percent of the motor vehicles in the U.S. If the information returned by NMVTIS raises any questions, the vehicle will not be titled until further research is conducted to mitigate the potential for fraud.

NMVTIS is a major step forward in helping to prevent vehicle titling fraud. For more information on the benefits of NMVTIS, read the NMVTIS Frequently Asked Questions.

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