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Pennsylvania Fleet Registration System

The Pennsylvania Fleet System is for non-apportioned vehicles whose primary movement is within Pennsylvania. Fleet vehicles used to conduct commercial business outside of the state may be subject to additional permits associated with oversize, overweight, hazardous or temporary registration trip permits. It is recommended to check with each jurisdiction's registration and enforcement requirements prior to travel. Pennsylvania's apportioned registration program should be considered if frequent commercial interstate travel occurs based on vehicle configuration, use and jurisdiction regulations.

Pennsylvania's Fleet Registration system provides customers the convenience of establishing fleet accounts in order to consolidate the registration renewals of multiple vehicles. Instead of receiving individual registration renewal applications that must be completed for each vehicle, one invoice is produced, listing all the vehicles expiring in a given month.

To register under the Fleet System, an applicant must own or lease 15 or more vehicles per fleet, with the exception of taxis, buses, limousines and emergency vehicles. Taxi, bus, limousine and emergency vehicle fleets do not have a minimum number of vehicles required to constitute a fleet. All taxis are required to be added to the fleet system. Vehicle fleets can be established by completing Form MV-670 (PDF), "Application to Establish a Fleet Account." The form includes a section in which the customer can assign equipment numbers (i.e., one to eight identifying characters created by the registrant to identify a vehicle within a fleet).

In order to obtain fleet registration for a new taxi or limousine business, the customer must submit a "certificate of approval" with their application. The certificate of approval can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) or the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), depending on where the business operations are based. When submitting Form MV-670 (PDF), title applications to change the body types of the vehicles within the fleet to taxi or limousine may be included.

Payment Options

PA Fleet invoices may be paid by wire transfer, certified check, cashier’s check or money order.  Certified check, cashier’s check, and money orders should be made payable to: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For wire transfer payments, contact your financial institution and request to submit a wire transfer to PennDOT using the information below:

Wells Fargo Bank

30 N. 3rd Street

Harrisburg, PA  17101

(717) 234-2860

  • PennDOT Bank Name: Wells Fargo – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • PennDOT Bank Account Number: 4343825667

  • PennDOT Routing Number: 121000248

  • Commercial Account Type:  Apportioned or PA Fleet

  • Apportioned or PA Fleet Account Number (including fleet number) i.e. 00000-1

  • Any additional information such as a Supplement Number, Invoice Number or Total Fees Due. 

Please Note: Your financial institution may charge a fee for the electronic transmission.

When PennDOT receives notice of the electronic transmission, the funds shall be deposited into your escrow account.  Once the funds are deposited into your escrow account, the funds can then be applied to your next transaction. 

As always, if an email address has been provided for the account, the registration credentials may be sent to the email address on record.  If a registration plate is issued as part of the transaction, all the credentials will be sent via mail.

Customers can select the type of registration from the following choices:

Bus - Buses only

For Hire - All vehicle types

Private - All vehicle types

Rental - All vehicle types

School Bus - School buses only

Taxi - Taxis only

Utility - All vehicle types

Limousine - Limousines only

All vehicles - Dual Registration (Refer to the Dual Registration Fact Sheet (PDF) for additional information on dual registration).


Frequency of Registration

  • Annual - a registration invoice will be sent each year. If the fleet is a qualified Urban Mass Transportation System, all buses are exempt from titling and registration fees and will receive a Mass Transit Registration Plate.

  • Preferred Permanent - fleet vehicles are issued credentials with a permanent expiration. A preferred-permanent fleet is defined as 100 or more commercially operated vehicles owned or leased by one person, firm or corporation. All vehicle types are eligible for preferred-permanent registration with one exception - vehicles or combinations with a registered gross weight over 26,000 pounds are eligible if they are used only in intrastate operations.

  • Five Year - a registration invoice will be sent every five years. This option is available for trailers only.