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Station Owners Forms, Publications and FAQs

This page contains all forms, publications and FAQs for all station owners and mechanics.


Please remember to include a check or money order with all completed forms for transactions which require fees. Please note: PennDOT will charge a fee of $30 or more for each check returned to the Department as uncollectible.
Some forms may require a signature and date after printing. All forms may be printed and mailed to PennDOT using the address listed at the top of the form, unless otherwise noted on the form. Your changes will not take effect until PennDOT has received and processed your form.

Form Number Form Name
MV-374 Official Inspection Station Certificate of Appointment Bond
MV-402 Application for sun screening certificate of exemption
MV-403 Application for Safety Inspection Mechanic Physical Disability Medical Exemption
MV-409 Application for Certification of Official Vehicle Safety Inspector
MV-409S Supplemental Certification Application for the Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspection Program
MV-421 County of Residence Verification
MV-426B Application For Reconstructed, Specially Constructed, Collectible, Modified, Flood, Recovered Theft Vehicles and Street Rods
MV-435 Safety Inspection Certification for Motor Carrier Vehicles
MV-436A Inspection Sticker and Insert Order Form
MV-443 Listing of Safety Inspection Mechanics Per Station
MV-450 Application for Waiver of Hours
MV-473C Bureau of Motor Vehicles Application for Designation as Official Speed Timing Device Testing Station
MV-502 Application for Pennsylvania Auto-Emission Repair Technician Certification
MV-516 Listing of Emission Inspection Mechanics Per Station

Frequently Asked Questions

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