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Maintaining Your Vehicle Beyond Inspections

Safety inspections are designed to help ensure the safety of all drivers through a systematic check of a vehicle's safety components such as brakes, lights and exhaust systems. Pennsylvania vehicle owners must have their vehicles inspected by a certified inspection mechanic annually.

Results of a study commissioned by PennDOT and performed by an independent consulting firm in 2009 indicate that Pennsylvania's Vehicle Safety Inspection Program is effective in reducing the number of fatal crashes that occur each year on Pennsylvania roadways.

While annual safety inspections help keep Pennsylvania roadways safer by ensuring vehicle safety components are functioning properly, vehicle owners can also contribute to safer roadways by conducting routine maintenance on their vehicles. If left unchecked, problems lurking under the hood between safety inspections can cause an unsafe situation for any driver.

PennDOT suggests that drivers conduct maintenance using a checklist to regularly troubleshoot their vehicle. Worn or defective tires, bad belts, a weak battery or depleted fluid levels can leave a driver sitting along the road, or worse yet, having to use emergency driving tactics to bring a malfunctioning vehicle under control.

Troubleshooting your vehicle using a checklist should not be considered a replacement for scheduled maintenance. Drivers should also consult their vehicle's owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended schedule of maintenance for their particular make and model of vehicle.

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