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Inspection and Safety Requirements

Farm vehicles exempt from registration are exempt from annual safety inspection requirements unless the vehicle qualifies as a Type D (Motor Carrier Vehicle) vehicle and has a gross vehicle weight, gross combination weight or registered weight rating greater than 17,000 lbs. (Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, Chapter 47). Farm vehicles with a Type A (10,000 pounds or less), Type B (10,001 to 17,000 pounds) and Type C (over 17,000 pounds) biennial exemption are not required to be periodically inspected. Farm vehicles with a Type D (over 17,000 pounds) biennial exemption must be inspected annually and bear a valid inspection sticker.

Registered farm vehicles must be periodically inspected and bear valid inspection stickers. Required times for inspection are the same for farm registered vehicles as for trucks and truck tractors operating under regular commercial registrations.

Regardless of whether an exempt farm vehicle is subject to periodic inspection, the following minimum safety requirements and equipment must be met while operating on public roads:

  • Rear reflectors, headlamps, functional stop lamps (brake lights)
  • Adequate braking system
  • Tires in safe operating condition
  • Rear wheel shields to bar substances from being thrown from the rear wheels at tangents exceeding 22.5 degrees from the road surface
  • Rear view mirror
  • Horn
  • Functional exhaust and muffler system

Further information on the equipment and requirements above is located in the Pennsylvania Code, Title 67, Chapter 175, Subchapter E (light trucks) and Subchapter F (medium to heavy trucks).