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Ignition Interlock

Pennsylvania law makes the Ignition Interlock requirement mandatory for first-time DUI offenders with high blood alcohol levels, repeat DUI offenders, individuals who refuse chemical testing, and for illegally operating a motor vehicle not equipped with an Ignition Interlock system.

An Ignition Interlock system is a device that is installed on motor vehicles to prohibit an individual under the influence of alcohol from operating the vehicle. An individual is required to blow into the device before starting the vehicle. If the device detects alcohol, it will prevent the vehicle from starting. In addition, at random times during the operation of the vehicle, the individual will be prompted to blow into the device to ensure they are not under the influence.
If you are required to comply with an Ignition Interlock requirement, your suspension or revocation notice will list the requirement. In addition, a restoration requirements letter will be mailed to you 30 days before you are eligible to be restored listing the Ignition Interlock requirement. To learn more detailed information regarding Ignition Interlock, read the Ignition Interlock Fact Sheet (PDF).

Declaration of Compliance

Starting on August 25, 2017, all individuals who had an ignition interlock system installed, and whose one-year ignition interlock period ends on or after August 25, 2017, will be required to have the ignition interlock vendor send the department a declaration of compliance to be eligible to obtain an unrestricted driver’s license or learner’s permit without the ignition interlock restriction.
The Declaration of Compliance is a PennDOT-controlled form that Ignition Interlock vendors will utilize to certify that an individual has not had any incidents, as defined by law (see 75 Pa.C.S. Sections 3805(c)(2) (relating to issuance of unrestricted license) and 3805(h.2)(relating to declaration of compliance)), occur in the two consecutive months prior to the date entered on the certificate. Before PennDOT can issue an unrestricted driver’s license, a Declaration of Compliance must be received from the Ignition Interlock vendor.