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Medical Reporting Overview

Welcome to PennDOT’s Medical Reporting Information Center. This information center contains information and resources for both Pennsylvania’s health care personnel and drivers who have medical conditions that may impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle as well as their families.

To help keep Pennsylvania’s roadways safe for everyone, it is the law in Pennsylvania that health care personnel who are authorized to diagnose and treat disorders and disabilities report to PennDOT any patient 15 years of age or older, who has been diagnosed as having a condition that could impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Through this mechanism, health care personnel help PennDOT in determining whether persons applying for a driver’s license or those persons already possessing a driver’s license are medically fit to safely drive. This allows health care personnel to play a vital role in helping to protect the public from death or injury caused by drivers with medical conditions that affect their ability to drive safely.

For health care personnel, this information center provides a detailed program description, including the Medical Reporting and PennDOT Review Process (PDF) along with a listing of the Medical Reporting Criteria and Regulations and provides downloadable medical reporting forms. In addition, it provides access to several important online resources that may help health care personnel assess fitness to drive. Finally, it provides brochures that can be downloaded and distributed to patients who have medical conditions that can affect their driving. These brochures help explain the reporting process including the role of the health care personnel in the process and provide information on how a patient can maintain their independence without continuing to drive.

For Pennsylvania drivers and their families who may be affected by this law, this information center provides a general description of the program including the health care personnel and PennDOT roles in the process. Additionally, it serves as a resource for drivers and their families by providing links to online resources for those who can no longer drive along with downloadable brochures explaining the reporting process and how to maintain independence without continuing to drive.