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New Security Feature

PennDOT Utilizes a New, Overt Security Feature to Prevent License, Identification Fraud

PennDOT makes spotting a fake license or identification card easier for anyone trying to establish a person’s positive identification.

The new element on driver’s licenses and photo IDs provides law enforcement and businesses, such as bars and banks, one additional way to spot a fake form of identification at a glance. The ability to quickly check the validity of an ID holds the potential to thwart illegal activities from identity theft to underage drinking - both potentially harmful, or in some cases, deadly acts.

PennDOT is the first state in the USA to deploy this state-of-the-art holographic technology to an already impressive array of security features embedded in current license and identification cards.
The feature is designed to suppress the color spectrum "rainbow" of normal holography. The result is the striking effect of a black versus white hologram at high resolution. The black and white areas reverse when viewing angle is changed by 90 degrees and is visible in bright, moderate and low-light environments.

Sample Driver's License with Security Hologram