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Temporary Authorization Agent (TA Agent)

Individuals, other than a motor carrier or state agency, wishing to be authorized to sell 60-day Temporary Authorizations (TA) must be an agent under contract with the Department and complete Form MV-576 (PDF), "Certificate of Authorization" application. In addition, the applicant must provide the following information with the MV-576 application:
  • Agent contract number
  • A letter of reference from a bank
  • Three letters of reference from a reputable business
  • A set of fingerprints of the applicant (or principals of the corporation or partnership)
  • A listing of all outstanding liabilities due and owing to the Commonwealth
  • Clear color photographs of the Pennsylvania office
  • Application fee of $75, check or money order made payable to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Completed applications must be submitted to the Commercial Registration Section at:
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Transportation
Commercial Registration Section
P.O. Box 68285
Harrisburg, PA 17106-8285
Upon approval, the applicant must complete the Department's TA Agent training course and then may apply for the Temporary Certificate of Authorization (TA) books by submitting the Form MV- 587 (PDF), "Motor Carrier Temporary Apportioned Registration" application and $50 fee. Agents may issue a TA for no more than 60 days and are required to collect the registration fees from the customer prior to issuance of the TA.
For more information on TA Agent regulations, please reference the regulations