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Dealer Services

Any prospective new, used or motorcycle dealer must be licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of State's State Board of Vehicle Dealers, Manufacturers and Salespersons. Applications and instructions for becoming a dealer are available at the Department of State's website. A prospective dealer must then follow the instructions contained in Pub 459 (PDF), "Requirements on Becoming a Dealer" in order to receive their Dealer Identification Number and dealer plates.
For requirements concerning miscellaneous dealers (repair and towing, vehicle salvage, transporter, financier or collector - repossessor and watercraft trailer dealers), consult Pub 458 (PDF), "Requirements for a Miscellaneous Dealer".
New, used or motorcycle dealers can get assistance with dealer titles through businesses listed at Online Dealer Title Service Centers. Vehicle Salvage business can get assistance with salvage certificates at Online Salvage Certificate Service Centers.