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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program is currently looking for new instructors. We're seeking experienced riders who have a sincere desire to help others learn to ride and/or enhance their riding skills. For more information, click here.

Motorcycle Safety Training is available across Pennsylvania for individuals interested in taking a motorcycle safety course through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP), weather pending, through Third-Party Motorcycle Training Providers.

PennDOT encourages you to keep checking back regularly for updates to the training provider and location list

Classes operating under the PAMSP are free to Pennsylvania class M permit and motorcycle license holders. Successful completion of a PAMSP Basic or Intermediate course waives the requirement to take a skills test at a PennDOT Driver License Center and automatically earns the permit holder their motorcycle license. Motorcycle permit holders who complete a 3-wheel basic course will earn a motorcycle license with a restriction prohibiting the operation a of 2-wheel motorcycle. 

Our Third-Party Training Providers offer a variety of motorcycle safety courses. Please ensure you have all the required safety gear before participating in one of our courses. A course confirmation email will be sent after a participant signs up for a course, and the confirmation email also lists the required gear to participate in the course. Below are descriptions of the courses currently offered:

Basic Rider Course (BRC)

The BRC is the starting place for a novice rider or someone that has not been through any training to learn the basic fundamentals of operating a motorcycle safely. Motorcycles are provided. This IS a licensing course.

Intermediate Rider Course (IRC)

The IRC is for experienced riders who have their own street legal motorcycle and want to develop more skills in traction management. Riders bring their own motorcycle. This IS a licensing course.

3 Wheel Rider Course (3WRC)

The 3WRC is for riders interested in learning to ride a 3 Wheel motorcycle.  This course includes trikes, sidecars and Can AM Spyders. Riders will experience the proper way to corner and more on three wheels. Bring your own approved vehicle or use a provided one. This IS a licensing course.

Advanced Rider Course (ARC)

The ARC is for experienced riders with at least 3,000 miles of riding experience and a desire to learn to maximize mid-corner traction and ground clearance to improve street safety. Riders bring their own motorcycle and protective gear. This is NOT a licensing course.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses are offered at every training site. Please contact a provider to see course which courses they currently offer.

Individuals under the age of 18, please click here for additional information on the process to obtain your motorcycle license.