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PA Driver's Manual - Audio Version 

Our Audio files are in MP3 audio format and can be played with any MP3 player program such as Windows Media Player, Real Player WinAmp, VLC, etc. These files can also be downloaded, transferred or burned to a CD, or played on a portable MP3 player such as the iPod or other similar Media players. Follow along in the Driver Manual while you listen. The audio files below correspond with the June 2017 version of the PA Driver's Manual (PUB 95).

Click on the chapter name to play the file, or right click to save it to your computer or device. Information listed below each chapter name outlines what that chapter discusses.

  • Sharing the Road with Motorcycles and Vehicles
  • Driver's Manual Introduction

chapter 1 - Non Commercial Learner's Permit Information

  • Applying for a Learner's Permit
  • Organ Donor Designation
  • Veteran's Designation
  • Social Security Number Information
  • Pennsylvania Vision Standards
  • Who Needs a Pennsylvania Driver's License?
  • Junior Learner's Permit Information
  • Junior Driver's License Information
  • What Class of Driver's License Do You Need?
  • Tests

chapter 2, part a - signals, signs and pavement markings

  • Signals
    • Red, Yellow and Green Traffic Lights and Arrows
    • Flashing Signals and Non-functioning Traffic Lights
    • Ramp-Metering Signals
    • Lane Use Control Signals
    • Pedestrian, School Zone and Railroad Crossing Signals
  • Signs
    • Regulatory Signs
    • Lane Use Control Signs
    • Warning Signs
    • Objects Adjacent to the Roadway signs
    • Work Zone Signs or Work Area and Construction Zone Signs
    • Guide Signs

chapter 2, part b - signals, signs and pavement markings

  • Chapter 2 Review Questions

chapter 3, part a - learning to drive 

  • Choosing Safety First
  • Driver Factors
    • Driving Distraction
    • Lack of Sleep
    • Health Factors
    • Alcohol/Drugs and Driving
  • Every Day Driving Skills

chapter 3, part b - learning to drive 

  • Every Day Driving Skills (cont'd.)
    • Negotiating Curves
    • Negotiating Highways and Interchanges
    • Parking
  • Special Circumstances and Emergencies

chapter 3, part c - learning to drive 

  • Chapter 3 Exercises 

chapter 4 -  driving record information

  • The Pennsylvania Point System

chapter 5 - laws and related issues

  • Required Notification for a Change in Name or Address
  • The Seat Belt Law
  • The Child Restraint Law 

chapter 6 - references