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Gender -Neutral Designation on PennDOT Driver's Licenses and Photo ID Cards

Based on customer feedback and PennDOT's principles of inclusive services for all Pennsylvanians, PennDOT is developing a systematic process to offer a gender-neutral designation option on its driver's licenses and photo ID cards. PennDOT has had a process in place for individuals to change their gender designation from male to female or female to male on their driver's license or photo ID card for many years.

PennDOT is proud of its long history of accommodating Pennsylvanians with different needs, from offering knowledge testing and services in 18 languages to providing privacy screens for customers with sensory issues or other needs that would benefit from privacy while their license or ID photo is taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gender-neutral designation?

Traditionally, driver's licenses and ID cards have had two gender designation options: "M" (male) or "F" (female). A gender-neutral designation, which appears on a driver's license or photo ID card as an "X," is a third option for individuals who would prefer a gender-neutral designation.

Can I get a gender-neutral designation on my driver's license or ID card now?

PennDOT is creating a systematic process by which the gender-neutral designation can be issued to customers, which will be available by January 2020.

In the meantime, however, PennDOT has implemented an interim process in which individuals can visit any Driver License Center and obtain the gender-neutral designation now.  Customers who wish to get a gender-neutral designation should obtain a "ticket" for driver license services and once served, inform the counter staff they wish to update their gender on their product to reflect a gender designation of "X".  PennDOT staff will complete the appropriate form/s and escalate as required.  Staff will be given the guidance to complete the process.   Appropriate product replacement fees will apply for a duplicate driver's license or photo ID product.

Can a person with an X designation get a REAL ID?

Yes. REAL ID regulations require a gender designation of some kind on REAL ID-compliant driver's licenses and ID cards. A gender-neutral, or "X" designation, meets these requirements, and people with the "X" gender indicator may get a REAL ID-compliant driver's license or photo ID card. For more information on how to obtain a REAL ID, visit our REAL ID website.

If someone has a gender-neutral designation on their driver's license or ID card, can they get a gender-neutral designation on their U.S. Passport?

Currently, only male and female designations are available on passports. For information on passports, visit the U.S. Department of State's website.