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Customers Who Do Not Have a Social Security Card

Please note: The below is only applicable for customers applying for a standard, Non-REAL ID driver's license or ID card. Customers wishing to obtain a REAL ID driver license or ID card will need to present a social security card. 
Click here for more information on REAL ID.

PennDOT will allow customers to also present one of the following documents as proof of their Social Security Number:

  • W–2 form, from one of the last two tax years
  • 1099 form from one of the last two tax years
  • Medicare Card (Must display the customer's Social Security Number, not their spouse's)
  • US Uniformed Military ID Card (Must display Social Security Number)
  • US Military Veterans Photo ID (Must display Social Security Number)

 If the customer does not have any of the above documents, we will require two of any of the below documents as proof of their Social Security Number:

  • Original document from the Social Security Administration reflecting full name and Social Security Number, or a receipt (letter) reflecting full name and Social Security Number indicating they will receive their new Social Security card in the mail
  • Paystub with their name and Social Security Number on it
  • US Military Discharge papers (DD-214) reflecting full name and Social Security Number
  • Unexpired health insurance card reflecting applicant's full name and Social Security Number
  • Original letter of correspondence from the IRS reflecting applicant's full name and SSN received within the last 12 months.
  • Government-certified copy of Federal or State tax return filed in one of the last two tax years reflecting applicant's full name and Social Security Number.