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Renew CDL with HAZMAT Endorsement


In order to ensure no lapse in your HAZMAT endorsement it is critical that you follow these steps in order and begin the process as soon as possible.

Step 1: 

Appear at a Driver License Center and show proof of citizenship or permanent residency.

Step 2: 

Pass HAZMAT Knowledge Recertification Test.

Step 3: 

Submit Form DL-288 (PDF) and fees to the Driver License Center.

Step 4: 

Visit PennDOT's Applicant Fingerprinting Online Service to have your fingerprints taken.

Step 5: 

Receive notification from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that you passed the background check. (This can take up to 120 days from the time you are fingerprinted.)

Step 6: 

Submit renewal application and fees.