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Suspensions Due to Unpaid Parking Tickets

Philadelphia Parking Authority

Sections 1379a and 1379d of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code

If you are issued six or more tickets or citations from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and have failed to pay or defaulted in payment of the tickets or citations, your registration will be indefinitely suspended (1379-A) upon notification from Philadelphia Parking Authority.

An additional suspension (1379-D) will be imposed if an additional parking ticket(s) are received while your registration is suspended under Section 1379(A).

All payments of tickets must be made to the Philadelphia Parking Authority only. All questions regarding these tickets or citations must be directed to the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Customers may go to the PPA website or call 1-888-591-3636 to obtain specific information.

The suspension will remain in effect until compliance is confirmed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority and all other applicable requirements for the registration restoration are satisfied. If the customer fails to pay the issued parking tickets by the effective suspension date, an indefinite suspension will go into effect and an administrative hold will be placed on the customer's record.

A suspension letter will be mailed indicating that the customer is required to pay a restoration fee before the registration is restored. The restoration fee will be paid to the Philadelphia Parking Authority at the time the tickets are paid.  Please refer to Form MV-70S, “The Bureau of Motor Vehicles Schedule of Fees,” for the current fees.

You can go online to request and print a free vehicle registration restoration requirements letter, which outlines certain criteria that must be met before a vehicle's registration can be restored. To request and print your restoration requirements letter, visit "Request a VR Restoration Requirements Letter". Users will need to provide the first eight numbers of the vehicle title number, the last four numbers of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if the VIN is more than four digits long and the first two characters of the owner's last name or the first two characters of the company's name if a company owns the vehicle.