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Test Your Knowledge

Please utilize the links below to prepare for your knowledge test in order to obtain your Pennsylvania learner's permit.

Review the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual

  • Be sure to thoroughly review the chapters of the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual provided below. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 contain sample test questions and answers.
  • Front Cover
  • Forms
  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Driver's Manual
    • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Non-Commercial Learner's Permit Information
  • Chapter 2: Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings
    • Sample Test Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 3: Learning to Drive
    • Sample Test Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 4: Driving Record Information
    • Sample Test Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 5: Laws and Related Issues
  • Chapter 6: References
    • Index
  • Back Cover      

Safe Driver Quiz

How much do you know about highway safety and traffic laws in Pennsylvania? Do you know the cost of a seat belt citation? Or, the nighttime driving restriction for young drivers? How about when you should stop for a stopped school bus? Or, what driver behaviors constitute aggressive driving? What about effect do alcohol and drugs create with regard to driving? We invite you to take the Safe Driver Quiz to test your driver safety knowledge.

Take a Sample Knowledge Test

sample Knowledge TEST Questions

Grab a pencil and paper to test your knowledge and practice for your permit test!

Question Set #1 (PDF)
Question Set #2 (PDF)
Question Set #3 (PDF)

Need a refresher? Just click below for the online version of the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual!

The Pennsylvania Non-Commercial Driver's Manual