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Performing e-Government services on this website involves sending certain personal or private information (e.g., your credit card information) over the Internet, a public communication network. To help ensure that other Internet users cannot view your information, PennDOT has taken several steps to assure that our customers' confidential information is secure when performing an online transaction.


Use Of A Secure Browser Required

Due to enhanced security measures to protect the data you submit to the Commonwealth, only the latest 2 versions of internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Android) are recommended. Earlier Browser versions may not function properly.  [Links to free downloads of the latest browsers are listed below.]





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Customer Authentication 

Each online transaction requires you to identify yourself with customer specific information. By identifying yourself, PennDOT can verify who you are. Never walk away from your computer when it has personal information displayed on it. It is best to close your browser after completing your application activities on the PennDOT website in order to clear any account information from memory.

Limited Display Of Credit Card Numbers

The display of any credit card number information on your transaction receipt is limited to the last 4 digits of the credit card number.

Security Protection And Monitoring

In addition to encrypting the communications between your browser and the PennDOT website, firewall technology is used to provide security layers between Internet traffic and the data in the Driver and Vehicle Services applications. As such, these firewalls, as well as additional software, provide continuous logging and auditing of activity on the PennDOT website. This constant security monitoring helps ensure that your information is only seen by you.

Security Upgrades

PennDOT is constantly evaluating the latest security technologies and upgrading to the most recent version of security software when it becomes available.

Your Responsibility

The key to a correct and successful transaction is the accuracy and completeness of the data you enter. If you enter incomplete or inaccurate information, your transaction may not be processed. PennDOT is not responsible if you submit inaccurate or incomplete information. Consequently, it is very important that you enter information accurately and confirm it is correct before sending it.

Credit Card Information

To ensure that your credit card is not charged more than once, do not hit the 'Charge My Card' button more than once. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

Successful Submission Not Guaranteed

Your transaction will be processed by a state-of-the-art system, which has been designed in accordance with good commercial practice; however, neither PennDOT nor the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can guarantee that all transactions submitted through this system will be received and/or successfully completed.


Confirmation Of Completed Transaction

Upon system acceptance of your credit card information, you will be provided with a receipt.

NOTE: Your browser must be configured to cache SSL pages in order to print your receipt. Due to printing methods, some versions of Netscape Navigator may not be able to print this page. If you have trouble printing this page, simply 'copy and paste' the text into any word processing program and print it from there.

Notification Of Incomplete Transaction

If your credit card charge was denied by the bank you may resubmit your online renewal request by entering different credit card information on the 'Check Out' page.

Additional Responsibilities Of Public Computer Users 

If you use a computer from a public location such as a library, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your credit card information entered on that machine. After you have entered your information and selected the 'Charge My Card' button, please exit the browser.