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Welcome to Pennsylvania's Driver and Vehicle Services website. This site serves as a virtual service center that enables customers to complete e-Government services, fill out and print forms, download fact sheets, find service locations, learn about special programs, and contact PennDOT with driver and vehicle related questions and suggestions.
Yet, this is just the beginning! PennDOT plans to continue adding e-Government services, forms, information, and educational materials over the next several years.

Online Services

Since May of 2001, Pennsylvania's citizens have had the opportunity to renew their driver's licenses, photo IDs, and vehicle registrations via the Internet. These online services are being offered as one more way for customers to quickly and efficiently complete driver and vehicle services. We also refer to these online services as "e-Government."
During the coming months, PennDOT will be adding to the list of e-Government services that customers may complete online. New services are chosen based on potential customer impact and customer feedback. Customer satisfaction continues to be our highest priority so please let us know what you think about these services. e-Government services are a way to make life a little easier for the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a common part of many online business sites. A shopping cart allows a customer to keep one or more items in a temporary storage area ("the shopping cart") until the customer has finished adding transactions. After all items have been added to the shopping cart, the customer will be required to enter credit card information before leaving the site ("checkout"). If a customer leaves the site before the checkout process is completed, all of the transactions in the shopping cart will be lost, and no updates will be made to the customer’s driver or vehicle record.

Use of Cookies

Certain areas of the Driver and Vehicle Services site use non-persistent cookies. Non-persistent cookies (also called per-session cookies) are temporary and are automatically discarded when the customer closes the browser.

ADA Compliance

The Driver and Vehicle Services website conforms to W3C's "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0", available at, level A. Compatibility with these guidelines affords the use of computer technology to those people with disabilities. We have designed this site with the interests of a universal audience, to assist those with disabilities. Our adherence to these guidelines enables a larger majority of the Commonwealth’s citizens to benefit from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s new, online e-Government initiative.
This site has been tested with Bobby. Bobby is a tool developed by CAST (the Center for Applied Special Technology) that analyzes the accessibility of websites to people with disabilities. This site has also been tested with Jaws.
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Browser Recommendations

To ensure security, it is recommended that your browser have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) capability. SSL is technology that creates a secure environment for the information transferred between your browser and PennDOT. SSL encrypts all information that you input before that information is sent to PennDOT. If you do not use an SSL compatible browser, PennDOT will not be able to process your request. You must configure your browser to cache SSL pages or you will not be able to print the credit card receipt.
For more information about the minimum browser requirements go to the Security on the Site page.
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