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The address that you enter while completing an Online Change of Address may be corrected according to the following guidelines, as required by the United States Postal Service:

  • Some parts of an address may be shortened to standard abbreviations, such as Street=ST; Avenue=AVE; Road=RD; Apartment=APT; and Suite=STE.
  • All letters in the address will be capitalized.
  • Punctuation (commas, periods, etc.) will be removed from the address.
  • The names of some towns without Post Offices may be changed to the actual city of the Post Office that serves the town. For example: LINGLESTOWN will be changed to HARRISBURG or PALO ALTO will be changed to POTTSVILLE.

If you have any questions, or if the address that you entered during the change of address displays on the Address Confirmation Screen incorrectly, please contact PennDOT.