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Frequently Asked Questions:
Public Records

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How can I obtain a copy of my driver's history?

You may request a three-year, ten-year or full driver's history by using PennDOT’s Online Services or by completing a "Request for Driver Information" form ( Form DL-503) and submitting it to PennDOT. Certified histories are only available by completing Form DL-503. The form contains detailed instructions and lists fees for different types of driving records.

How do I obtain a copy of my vehicle record?

You may request a copy of a record for a vehicle titled in Pennsylvania. Form DL-135 'Request for Vehicle Information' is required.
The name and address of the current owner, vehicle identification number (VIN), title, and the license plate number will appear on the record. Also, the vehicle make, model and year will appear on the record. More information can be provided if specifically requested on the form.

If I give you a plate number, can you tell me who owns the vehicle?

No. To protect the privacy of our citizens, we will not process a request for information based solely on a tag number being provided. A legitimate request must also include the vehicle’s title number or vehicle identification number (VIN).
If you wish to obtain paid information such as this, from PennDOT, you will need to complete Form DL-135.
Please review the form carefully to determine if you are permitted to purchase the information you need.

Who might request and receive a copy of my driving record?

Driver information may be requested by employers, insurance companies or agents, attorneys representing you or for use by courts and law enforcement.