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Frequently Asked Questions: Fleet Registration

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Why should we establish a fleet account?

Instead of receiving individual registration renewal applications for each vehicle that must be completed and signed, one invoice is produced listing all the vehicles expiring in a given month. The invoice then just needs a signature and insurance information and submitted to the Department with the required fees.

What if we don’t want to renew one of the vehicles on the list?

Simply draw a line through that line item you wish to remove (preferably red ink so it stands out). The vehicle will be removed from the renewal and a new invoice will be created for the remaining vehicles.

What are equipment numbers?

Equipment numbers are identifying characters created by the registrant to identify a vehicle within a fleet. Equipment numbers may be up to 8 characters long and may be letters, numbers or a combination of both

How much does the fleet service cost?

There is no additional cost for fleet services.

What form would we use to add additional vehicles to a fleet after it has been established?

The MV-1 or MV-4st title application must be submitted along with proof of insurance including the fleet form MV-673, "Supplemental Application," to the address listed on the fleet application.

What if we have questions not covered in the Fleet Manual?

You may contact the Commercial Registration Fleet Unit at (717) 787-4309 and a representative will assist you.

How many vehicles are required to establish a fleet account?

A fleet account consists of 15 or more vehicles unless you are registering taxis, limousines or buses.

Does the name on my fleet account have to match the name on my title?

Yes, the fleet account name and the name on the vehicle title are required to match unless the vehicle is leased. In many cases different authorities are required to obtain registration. The authority’s information must match the registration.

If my fleet registration expires in less than a year but I recently added some new vehicles to my fleet which required me to pay a full year’s registration fee, what happens to the money collected for the extra months?

Depending upon when your fleet account expires your registration will be prorated. If any money was paid in excess as a result of the new vehicles added, a credit balance will be held on your fleet account for future use.

Can I have my invoice or credentials mailed to a location other than where the vehicles are located?

Yes, on a new account you may provide us with your business and mailing address separately using form MV-670, "Application to Develop a Fleet Account." If your account is already established and you are requesting a change, you may complete form MV-674, "Application to Change Information on Fleet Account or Fleet Vehicle." This change will enable the Department to mail your invoice or credentials to the requested mailing address.

If I add a vehicle to a fleet that does not expire until after the fleet expiration, will I lose that difference that I paid.

Yes, you will lose the difference in registration fees if you add a vehicle to a fleet that does not expire until after the fleet expiration. It is recommended to add a vehicle to the fleet near the vehicle’s expiration month.

What do I need to do to register a newly established taxi or limousine business?

In order to obtain fleet registration you must obtain a "certificate of approval" from either the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) or Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) depending on where your operations are based. When the certificate of approval has been obtained you may apply for fleet registration by completing form MV-670, "Application to Develop a Fleet Account" along with any title applications to change the body types to taxi or limousine. Appropriate insurance is required with this application. The Public Utility Commission may be reached at (717) 787-3834 and the Philadelphia Parking Authority may be reached at (215) 683-9444.