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Important Information Regarding Act 133 of 2008

Act 133 of 2008, enacted by the General Assembly in November 2008, modified the requirement that the Department reissue license plates on a 10-year cycle. Other provisions of the Act, effective January 2009, addressed CDL Skills Test waivers, penalties for over-height vehicles, securing hydraulically operated boom arms on equipment being transported and changes to inspection of agricultural vehicles by police or commonwealth personnel. The following list outlines components of the act and changes that impact citizens.

Issuance and Reissuance of Registration Plates (Section 1333) - Amended to read the Department may reissue a registration plate upon request by a registrant when it is determined by an authorized representative of the Department or law enforcement that the plate is illegible from a reasonable distance. The Department may select the style of the reissued registration plate and, except in the case of personal registration plates, the registration plate number. The registration plate and registration card will be replaced free of charge.

Commercial Driver’s License Qualification Standards (Section 1607) - Amended to add a provision allowing the Department to waive the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driving test for active duty military or recently discharged veterans with at least two years of experience working in commercial type vehicles as part of their military job requirements. The waiver applies to CDL applicants who will be operating vehicles similar to those they operated during their military service.

Inspection by Police or Commonwealth Personnel (Section 4704) - Amended to permit spot inspections of farm trucks not required to be registered, implements of husbandry, special mobile equipment and trucks and truck tractors registered in Class 4A or lower.

Securing Loads in Vehicles (Section 4903) - Amended to direct that the boom arm of equipment with a hydraulically operated boom arm being transported through or within this Commonwealth shall be securely fastened to the vehicle with steel restraining devices to prevent its movement or shifting during transport.

Height of Vehicles (Section 4922) - Amended to read any person convicted of operating a vehicle with a height greater than 13-feet, 6-inches and traveling without a valid permit shall, upon conviction, pay a fine of $500.