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Important Information Regarding Act 159 of 2006

 Act 159 of 2006, enacted by the General Assembly in October 2006 and effective December 2006, changed various sections of The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (Title 75) including eligibility for special registration plates, eligible age for identification cards (effective Nov. 29, 2009), modification of requirements for headlamp use, expansion of use of emergency lighting for rescue organization members, changes to permits for movement during course of manufacture and permits for movement of domestic animal feed. The following list outlines components of the Act and changes that impact citizens.

Special Registration Plates (Section 1341) - Amended to allow the Department to issue a special registration plate to a business, if the business owner or officer making application is a member of the special group for which the plate is intended. 

Identification Cards (Section 1510(b)) - Allows the Department, upon payment of the required fee, to issue an identification card to any person ten years of age or older. (Note: This part of the Act does not take effect until Nov. 29, 2009.)

Periods for Required Lighted Lamps (Section 4302) - Amends the requirements for use of lighted headlamps and illuminating devices to include any time when the operator cannot discern a person or vehicle upon the highway from a distance of 1,000 feet and any time when the vehicle’s windshield wipers are in continuous or intermittent use due to precipitation or atmospheric moisture, including rain, snow, sleet or mist. 

Visual Signals on Authorized Vehicles (Section 4572) - Amended to include certified volunteer search and rescue (scuba divers) organization members as eligible to display emergency lighting on their vehicles.

Permit for Movement During Course of Manufacture (Section 4968) - Amended to allow annual permits to be issued to authorize movement of hot boxes on specific highways; however, no permit may be issued for this type of movement on interstate highways. Definitions for “hot box” and “raw milk” were also added.

Permit for Movement of Domestic Animal Feed (Section 4976) - Amended to authorize annual permits to be issued authorizing the movement on the highways of whole or unprocessed grain.