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Important Information Regarding Act 60 of 2006




Act 60 of 2006, enacted by the General Assembly June 2006 and effective December 2006, protects the confidentiality of Social Security numbers by prohibiting a person, entity, state agency or political subdivision from publicly posting a Social Security number, printing the number on any cards requested for individual access to products or services, requiring an individual to transmit his or her Social Security number over an unsecure connection on the Internet, or print a Social Security number on materials mailed to an individual unless Federal or State law requires the number to be on the document mailed. This section does not apply to a document that originated with, or is filed with, recorded in or is maintained by any court component of part of the unified judicial system. It also does not apply to any document that is required by law to be open to the public; and originates with, or is filed, recorded or maintained by any government agency, instrumentality or taxing authority. The bill provides that fees from penalties would be distributed equally between the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund and the Office of the Attorney General for future identity theft prevention. The bill does not apply to a financial institution, a covered entity or an entity subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The legislation provides for criminal enforcement by district attorneys and the Attorney General. The provisions of 34 PA.C.S. Sec. 325 (d) (relating to limitation of disclosure of certain records) are repealed.