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Businesses who obtain driver histories for the purpose of employment or insurance are now able to obtain and print these histories, in real time, through our enhanced Online Services.

If you are an employer or insurance agent and are interested in becoming an authorized Online business user, you will need to complete the Internet Application/Licensing Agreement and submit it to PennDOT along with your application fee. The application fee is a one-time fee and is used to cover the cost of processing your application.

After you have been approved, you will be issued an account number and your designated password will be confirmed. With this information you will be able to access online driver histories. You will be charged $8 for each driver history requested and will pay for the transaction(s) with your credit card.

If you currently have an account and employ commercial drivers or school bus drivers, you can apply for unlimited electronic access to driver records. This form must be completed on an annual basis in order to maintain this service.